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Oh, so only top 10s should make progress?  No, every pick, from every round is expected to make progress every year.  Hopefully, the progress is enough to move up a level, and, if not, to move up a level every 18-24 months, especially from A.  If you spend more than 2 calendar years at A or lower, there is little chance of you ever making it to MLB, 3 years and its virtually none.  If you still beat the odds and do eventually get there, it's usually a short utility career.
I agree that progress is to be expected, but I think the logical progression is rookie ball, low A, high A.  That's three years.  Typically, they end up skipping short-season A ball, which is a huge jump already.  Not only do they have to adjust to players who are more refined than those who are drafted right out of college, but they have to play in front of crowds of ~5,000 and adjust to a full season schedule.  We've seen it chew up Josh Smoker and Jack McGeary already.  So on top of that, you expect them to just breeze through higher A ball and make it to AA?

I understand that the more easily you're able to advance, the more likely you are to have a great pro career, but those are lofty expectations, and it certainly isn't a necessity for that to happen in order for someone to become a successful pro.