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Re: Nationals @ Pirates, Game 4
« Reply #425: August 04, 2009, 11:40:51 AM »
If you want a real treat, you need to go watch the highlights on  They used the Pirates announcers.  It's a good time.  If you have watch the bottom of the fifth, top 6 and 7.  It's a good time.  They're trying to play mind games and accuse the each other of jinxing the bases loaded situation.  They they try to reverse jinx themselves and it all goes to hell from there.  They were all giddy about breaking into the Nats bullpen. 

I did just that when I woke up this morning! Hilarious. I love the 'well you only wished for Mock to be out of the game' line from the announcer when Clippard got the DP. The guy was actually pissed that his partner hadn't wished for a lot of runs.

They were really funny.

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Re: Nationals @ Pirates, Game 4
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btw good game outta elijah dukes last night :clap:

hopefully he steps up and claims that job.