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Re: Nationals @ Brewers, Game 3
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So, if Lance Armstrong pedals 2/3 the way up a mountain, then the last 1/3 is going to be just as hard as if he started over again at the bottom?

That's exactly what you're saying, by analogy.
that's not exactly what I was saying. At the start of the series I would have ranked in terms of what is most likely to occur:

-Brewers win 3 of 4
-Nationals win 3 of 4
-Brewers sweep
-Nats sweep

Just because we won the first two doesn't mean that the series still won't likely be a split. The order in which we got the wins didn't make a difference. a split is a split is a split.

No, I've proven this to you repeatedly, I've provided independent on-line sources for you to read, and you continue to cling to your quaint, ignorant misunderstandings as if the truth were revealed only to you.
The Brewers' chances of winning have gone up after the loss on Monday and again after the loss last night. They have a really high chance of winning tonight just based on pure odds but if they somehow pull off a miracle and lose again then tomorrow's game might as well not even be played because they would win that game in that scenario unquestionably.