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Re: Nationals @ Brewers, Game 3
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freak the stats. you watch every game don't you? Bard is the far worse player. The passed ball stats are clearly wrong. There is no way in hell that he has only 3 passed balls all year. no way. That is just false. I remember several games where he had 2-3 passed balls in 1 game.

what is our record with Bard starting and with Nieves starting?

that's what the stats say.  i love how stats don't matter when they are in favor of one of the dudes you hate, yet they count when it comes to a player you love.

it's just like with bernadina.  everyone on here and their mom knows nyjer morgan is a better player and he has better stats at the major league level, but you get all defensive when someone says he isn't going to be our centerfielder. 

c'mon dude, crap works both ways.