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Re: Nationals @ Brewers, Game 3
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it's not even close. Bard is a horrible baseball player.

We are a much better team with Nieves starting. Nieves is a perfectly suitable back-up catcher. Bard is a bum that is lucky to have a job on a ML roster.

Nieves had the big RBI hit last night to extend the lead. Did a great job with Bally too. With Bard you know you will have 3 past balls a night and teams run at will on him. Nieves is a better clutch hitter as well. Bard is useless, especially now when he is hampered by a groin injury and can't run a lick.

Bard: 360.2 innings, 30 SB attempts (1 attempt every 12 innings)

Nieves: 312 innings, 26 SB attempts (1 attempt every 12 innings)

Bard: 25 CS%
Nieves: 24 CS%

Bard: 4 errors, 3 Passed balls
Nieves: 4 errors, 2 passed balls

They are the exact same catcher on the basepaths.