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Re: Nationals vs Padres, Game 2
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I think Pete McElroy posts or reads here:


Left fielder Adam Dunn, who committed his 12th error of the season last night, wasn't brought to DC for his defense. He was signed to hit homers and drive in runs.

So when he makes an error, people shouldn't be surprised. While I'm not saying everyone should be pleased when he does boot a ball, don't be so quick to rip him.

Another thing I continually hear is that he doesn't run hard or he "takes his time" getting to a ball in the gap or down the line. I say this, how many 6'6'', 270 pound athletes do you know who look graceful at that size?

This is not to say he uncoordinated, but to get his big frame going, takes a little longer than someone six inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter.

I can guarantee that no one wants to win or hustles more than Dunn. Accept him for what he is.