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Re: Nationals vs Padres, Game 2
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I see you guys were picked to finish 1st in the Big 12 North preseason poll. Missouri losing Daniel and Maclin hurts them obviously.

Nebraska is fortunate to not be in the South with Texas, OSU, OU, etc. :lol:

so how do you think NU is going to do this year? who is going to start at QB?
Zac Lee will be the starting QB.  There really aren't any other candidates that are ready yet, maybe by midseason, but Lee's supposed to have all the tools and the early reports on him are very, very good, but he's never really had any time facing a D1 pass rush.  He put up huge numbers in JUCO and daddy was a pro QB so he's got the bloodlines.  We'll see.  I'm really not concerned. 

NU's the favorite because Mizzou lost not only Daniel, but Maclin, and their All-American tight end and linebacker as well.  They lost a ton.  They've had a lot of success recruiting lately but not enough to relpace all of them at the same time.  If it was just one of them, they'd be the favorite.  They've got question marks all over their defense too. 

Kansas should be the favorite but they have questions all over their defense as well where they lost quite a bit.  They should put up a lot of points.  They're loaded on offense the question is will they get all those questions answered on D before they hit conference play because their schedule is B-A-Rutal. 

NU will be strong and deep on both the OL and DL.  Their secondary should be good and they have a stable of RB's.  The question marks lay in a young linebacker core and in unproven QB's and WR's.  If they get those questions answered they'll have a very good year.  Reports out of conditioning and whatever else they do, 7 on 7's and such, in the summer are very promising at all those question mark positions, but until we see them in game situations we won't know for sure.  There's a lot of optimism around here.  The schedule sets up fairly well though we do have to go to both Mizzou and KU.  Plus we'll be making a trip to VaTech in September.

It's probably about time to start up a college football thread for 2009...