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"Children are listening to this so I can't tell you what I said to them," Riggleman said. "It was just a bad effort. It was particularly bad early and we just played so bad, so early, it had the feeling of we just weren't ready to play and that's on me. I can't accept that."

What bothers them team and Riggleman the most is the amount of gaffes that could be avoided. Catcher Josh Bard, who had one of the four errors, spoke about what Riggleman said to the team.

"He's disappointed and he should be," said Bard. "We're playing one of the worst teams in baseball and they kicked our butt tonight. He's fed up with losing and I am too."

Since taking over as manager, Riggleman has moved fielding practice up by 20 minutes. By their play tonight, it doesn't appear to have an effect on the team, but they must push ahead.

"We can't quit," he said. "You get your tail beat but you keep fighting, keep working and that's what I plan to do and we're going to find out if there is somebody who cant get on board with that because we'll lead them to the door. They'll get on board, they will, there's really no alternative. We just can not play that sloppy and have that many errors thru this point of the season and just say well that's baseball, that's ok, they're trying, that's not fair to the fans that come out here and buy these tickets."

Philadelphia has the fewest errors in the NL, leads the NL East by 6 ½ games and they're 27 games ahead of the Nationals, which is no surprise.

"We have 94 errors in 96 games," Bard said. "The next closest team has 80 and the next closest has 65. You look at the Phillies and they have 37, it's not rocket science."

"I've tried to let them know the importance of having pride in the uniform, having pride in the fact that you signed the contract, you have to play it out and we owe it to the people who paid to watch that tonight," Riggleman said.

Bard should shut his damn mouth. He is one of the biggest culprits. He isn't dogging it, he is just a terrible, terrible baseball player.