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Re: Nationals vs Mets, Game 3
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Career #'s in these situations (using only this year represents such a small sample size):


Dunn - .229/.420/.482
Willingham - .263/.386/.452

Men on:

Dunn - .246/.409/.510
Willingham - .265/.369/.465

First, I was just taking a dig at sportsfan (as per my previous post).  Secondly, I don't care what these guys did with anyone else, I care what they do with us, so from a strictly "who is better offensively" standpoint I'd pick Dunn right now and I'm sticking with that until Willingham gives me a reason to think otherwise.  I know what the career numbers say and I'm not a fool - I realize it's more likely they'll go back to those numbers - but for now, I guess I don't really see it as mattering since I'm not expecting Dunn to be with the team past next year no matter what happens.  Willingham is the obvious keeper unless we trade him.

Dunn gets on base more and smashes the ball harder, but neither should be considered a slouch.  Both guys' lines in both situations are fairly similar to their overall career lines.

This being the case, I think it makes it clear that we should keep Willingham.  He's the better overall player.  He's definitely more athletic in the field.

I know there are a few people here who chided his defense and actually find him to be worse than Dunn, but I wholeheartedly disagree with that.  I think his range is far better, and he can play both corners in a pinch.  Dunn is one of the most sluggish OF'ers in all of baseball.

Add to it that Willingham still has two years under team control and you're looking at much more value there.

I agree with most of this.  When Willingham wasn't getting regular starts, he definitely looked worse in the OF than Dunn, but he has adapted quite nicely and seems to be doing just fine now.  In spite of whatever others thing, I think Dunn would be quite serviceable at 1B.  So much so that I'd much rather see him there than in the OF.  I disagree that he is "sluggish" as he seems perfectly capable of getting up a head of steam and getting to balls.  Someone here or on the broadcast team said once that he isn't un-athletic, and I agree.  All of that having been said, he's def not someone you want in the OF if you can help it.

I guess I just don't see the point of your post.  Dunn's trade value isn't enough to move him, and Willingham is too old to be worth keeping at the rate this team is going.

EDIT - I should clarify what I meant about Dunn's trade value.  It's not enough to move him for what Rizzo is apparently asking.