Author Topic: Gameday Thread: Nationals vs Padres, Game 3 (L)  (Read 10055 times)

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mar (AKA pasqual AKA JMG) has one of the coolest avatar's I've ever seen.  
Even if there were no trolls on the MLB-Nationals Forum, this is better for the graphics and photo abilities alone.  
Kudos to the mod's here.
We probably have more posting for away games.  I was at yesterday's game.  First time they lost one I attended.  President Bush arrived in the 1st inning and left around the 6th - so he wasn't posting here either...  

All of the Internet game trackers sometimes slow down, but any one of them can be current at any given time. is good for its box scores and pitch count tracker.  
ESPN's Gamecast seems to have more stats after each pitch than MLB.  
If Sportsline is slow, ESPN is often current or vice versa.