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OK, that's it for this team.  Trade ALL of the vets for prospects.  There is no hope for this season.  I keep thinking we are going to do something after we win a few series, then we go right back to where we were before.  To get swept by the Padres at home before the break is incomprehensible.

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What a freaking joke...

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Quote from: "rileyn"
I feel like I just got kicked in the nuts.

Probably wasn't by a Nats pitcher. They woudda missed the target and given you something you could handle.

Ugly end to the first hald.

Not much consolation we're 5-5 on this homestand.

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Quote from: "The Chief"
What a freaking joke...

but it's not funny.   :x

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Quote from: "Senators2005"
incredible.  Swept.  (Image removed from quote.)

Appropriately, Cordero is the losing pitcher.  


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this one really hurts. Whats that 14 games .500 at the break? Oh well, we will make pittsburgh pay on friday.

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I can't believe I keep saying it but it keeps being true.

The Nationals have reached bottom and are still digging!

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Quote from: "PC"
I can't believe I keep saying it but it keeps being true.
The Nationals have reached bottom and are still digging!

And they hit a septic tank...

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Wow.  Un-freaking-believable.  What is this team's problem with the Friars?

The bad thing is, even when Escobar made it 7-1, I wasn't too confident.  The Padres just find some way to beat teams.

But hey, I continue to be thanksful that there is a team here to follow, no matter the record.  It seems we forget that here sometimes.

Wow. Khalil Greene and the dads do it again. Just like last year they ended our hopes of wildcard, this year they solidify our situation. This series could signal to Bowden and gang that chances are this team will lose 100 games with our without soriano, guillen, livan. Once Schneider hit that 2 run dinger, i thought alright no way chad will blow this one. To my surprise, it was 10-9 game over when i came back. Mike fricken Pizza! Anything less than a sweep of the bucs will be embarrasing.

p.s. the only player i want traded from the current team that has been mentioned on ESPN etc, is Jose Guillen! This guy cant hit, and i can't remember the last time he came through in the clutch, he has quite an ego for someone who is hot garbage. Though i would not be against trading Guillen and LIVAN for Milledge.

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Getting swept before the All Star game helps force the team to recognize that what they are doing doesn't work.