Author Topic: Gameday Thread: Nationals vs Padres, Game 3 (L)  (Read 9880 times)

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Quote from: "nats2playoffs"
Quote from: "The Chief"
:rofl: that Stanton/Jesus joke has really taken off since Eso started it :lol:

If I'm not mistaken, our losing streak and impossibly horrible bad luck coincided with Eso's posting of that sacrilegious, blasphemous gigantic thread on MLB-Nationals.  Since we haven't heard from Eso since his trip from Chicago, I guess we can assume the the earth opened up and swallowed him whole.  Meanwhile Stanton bats...
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Actually I think he said that during the series we lost against the Phils right before we went on a tear against Baltimore and others, so in reality he said it right before our best winning streak ;)