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Re: Nationals vs Mets, Game 1
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Nieves is a worse overall defensive catcher than Bard is. His game calling skills are worse overall than all of Bard's other problems. Unless you still want to claim Nieves isn't calling horrible game after horrible game.
It doesn't matter who is behind the plate, the pitching is absolutely terrible.

Giving up 3 hits to Francoeur in 1 game last night?! ridiculous. He should never get a hit off of us if we pitched him smart. Throw the ball out of the strike zone and he will chase.

Nieves can throw the ball and catch it unlike Bard. Bard just scares me behind home plate because you know his defense is going to bite us in some form or fashion every night. Nieves is swinging a decent bat right now and has been going to RF a lot lately. No reason for him to only play once a week. At least split the time like 60/40. not 80/20 like it is now.