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Re: Nationals vs Cubs , Game 4
« Reply #150: July 19, 2009, 04:21:44 PM »
We scored another run and it wasn't even mentioned.  :hang:
Because it wasn't Zimm. It was Dunn. So no one cared :(

I noticed, but I didn't bother saying anything.  Didn't want to give SF any ammo.  Besides, at 11-2, even I won't defend a totally meaningless solo jack.  The only reason he got something to hit was BECAUSE it was 11-2.

I'm sure it had been ZImmerman sportsfan would've said

"At least Ryan still cares and is carrying his weight/earning his keep on the team."  :clap:

I was waiting for him to come in here and rip Dunn for a meaningless run but I guess he's not TOTALLY dense.