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Re: Nationals vs Cubs, Game 1
« Reply #425: July 17, 2009, 08:51:52 AM »
It looks like the same old crap to me.

The Riggleman era started out with more failure of the same sort (Mannyesque management). Yes, the offense was sad. But going into the top of the 9th down 3-1 with Nick due up at the bottom of the inning called for the bullpen to at least keep things as is. 3 pitchers and 2 hits later they had given up 3 more runs. Pathetic. Just pathetic. At what point do they develop an intolerance for relief pitchers who issue walks? Tavares comes out and issues a leadoff walk to Soriano - a free swinger having an off year. It's inexcusable. That is when the pitching change should have been made. Instead, like Manny, Tavares is allowed to remain in the game and do more damage before a change is made about two batters too late. This has happened all season. Relief pitchers who come in and walk the first guy they face. It should result in a hefty fine, but they have to at least let the staff know that walking batters is unacceptable.