Author Topic: Norris to Potomac & Rooney to Harrisburg  (Read 1950 times)

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Re: Norris to Potomac & Rooney to Harrisburg
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I think they do a mix of both.  It's situational.

This team doesn't seem to respect the gravity of the transition from the rookie leagues to Hagerstown.  They've skipped Vermont with a couple of players (Smoker, McGeary, Desmond) and it's backfired every time.  That's really rough because each of those jumps signifies a new challenge.  Going from Vermont to Hagerstown is an introduction to full-season ball, while the jump from the rookie leagues to the GCL puts players in front of much larger crowds.  Trying to put guys in front of larger crowds and increase their workload all at once doesn't seem like a good idea, and the results with those aforementioned players seems to support that notion.

Meanwhile, they really take too long with the jumps between high A, AA, and AAA sometimes.