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Re: Norris to Potomac & Rooney to Harrisburg
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I don't think it's that big of a deal either, but I'm kind of annoyed about this stubbornness about keeping him at catcher.

His skill set is what it is.  Either you live with the fact that he's not good at blocking pitches or you make him a first baseman.  There's no need for them to bang their heads against the wall trying to get a player to learn certain skills when he just doesn't have the proper disposition for them.

Oh I can agree with this much and with your assessment of Norris' D from yesterday.  If he were playing 3B or corner OF, he would have moved up awhile ago.  Unfortunately, catcher is probably the most demanding fielding position out there and his lack of experience at the position is holding him back.  He has a cannon of an arm, but his blocking skills and game calling skills are in there infant stages.  I don't know how long you hold him at catcher until they just say 'enough.'  I could see them giving him next year to show progress, but if his bat continues to stay hot then they probably will move him.

As for what positions he would change to.  I doubt 1B, because of his height.  I think corner OF would eventually be the best spot for him, possibly RF with his arm (depending on his throwing accuracy when standing up).  I am not too worried about Flores, my friend had the same injury back in HS and made a full recovery by the next season.  Durability may be an issue, but I think both of the injuries he suffered were more of the freak nature than routine.