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Re: Follow the Prospects: Eury Perez, CF
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Perez should be called up tonight and Bernadina should be DFA'd.  There are too many lame left handed bats on this roster.  Replacing Bernadina with Perez loses nothing.
Agree; Bernadina has really regressed this year and brings little to the table; as someone else said maybe better to lose Tracy than Bernadina.  I like Perez; not much power but would be nice to have someone who could get on base and steal a base once he got there.  I know he is not considered a top prospect partially cause of lack of power but we seem to have aline-up full of power guys who only hit singles and can;t do even that when someone is on base.  Seems like Rizzo/Johnson have bulit the team for the home runs and big innings and think we need to shift to be able to scratch out some runs.