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Re: Follow The Prospects: Destin Hood, OF
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The term "prospect" for me indicates either a very high probability of being a 3 WAR contributor (think Espinosa as he proved the ability to maintain hitting ability in AA and AAA) or having a very high ceiling, like someone who could possibly be a 4-5 WAR player in the majors even if he's not producing great numbers in the minors (think Aaron Hicks in 2009-2011).

But Hood is a non-producing corner outfielder whose major league ceiling is probably .350/.475 and is nowhere close to reaching that ceiling. Non-prospect for me. Doesn't mean he can't develop and contribute eventually, given his youth and decent (but not great) tools.

Those are some pretty stringent requirements to be considered a prospect then considering the vast majority of the players who actually stick in the show are only average (duh) which is around 2 WAR.