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Re: Follow The Prospects: Destin Hood, OF
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I'm not saying he can't blossom, but given Werth and Harper, Goodwin's projection, and Span's ridiculously cheap contract for the next 2 years and the affordable option, there really isn't a place for Hood to start here until 2016 /2017 even if he meets his high end projection. 

I could see Bernie beginning to get expensive when you have a pre-arb 4th outfielder with pop, so I could see Hood maybe taking that role when he is 25 or 26, or I could see perhaps Bernie and Hood being the backups to Harper, Werth, and the 2015 CF (Span?  Goodwin?).  It is unreasonable to project him as displacing a corner outfielder for until maybe the tail end of Werth's contract (2017).

Exactly. He can play well in AA/AAA over the next 2 years, but all of our regular OF spots are taken for the next couple years and two, like you said, are taken until 2017. If he plays well, he can replace/add to Bernadina as a 4th OF with spot start duty when there are injuries.