Author Topic: Follow The Prospects: Destin Hood, OF  (Read 55708 times)

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Re: Follow The Prospects: Destin Hood
« Reply #375: March 04, 2012, 05:42:34 PM »
Hammonds and I disagree a bit on whether saying someone is trade bait is a slight.  I figure teams will only give you anything if they think the guy will be good.  Hammonds I think believes that if a guy is good, why move him? 

Because I am SSS, I figure we get decent return on trades.  Because he is LoD and a huge fan of the farm system, he figures we don't get fair value on trades. 

I/M/O, the farm system should just develop good players regardless of position because any surplus or blockage works itself out through injury, trade, or failure at higher levels.  Hood just needs to be the best he can be, and things will work out for him and the Nats.   I do think he has a good shot to be a September call up or to play for the Nats in 2013 if Werth is in CF at those times.