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Re: Follow The Prospects: Destin Hood
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Honestly, I know it's a stretch, but I'd prefer Goodwin in Center and Harper in right, pushing Werth to the bench (This is assuming Werth doesn't regain his stride- just under that assumption, please don't jump on me for this). That would allow Goodwin to lead off, maybe Hood to bat 2nd, and one of Rendon/Zimmerman/Morse to bat third with Harper fourth and the other two 5th and 6th  :shock: with Espinosa and Ramos closing out the lineup.

No way can you push someone making that much money to the bench.

I think we will go: Zim/Espy/Lombo/Rendon in the infeild and Hood, Harper, Werth in the outfield for 2013. Our lineup would be: Lombo, Hood/Werth, Zim, Harper, Rendon, Hood/Werth, Espy, Ramos.