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Re: Follow The Prospects: Destin Hood
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I dont think we necessarily need a great 'prototype' leadoff man, but I dont think Hood under any circumstance profiles there. He's gotten better but he's a guy who drives in runs. Not one who tries to get on base and let other people drive him in.

Rendon profiles the same way. Stats say something, but mentality and experience also say something. He's got a fantastic eye and OBP, but he's a run producer. And if he's hitting .320 and 30 home runs, we want him up with guys on base, not leading off. But if we're going Ramos, Morse, Rendon, Zimmermann, Espinosa, Hood, Werth, and Harper, we have a very potent offense, but are lacking in table setters. Same problem we have now(with better hitters throughout of course).

I think to have a more well rounded offense, it'd be better if Lombo pans out and is our leadoff guy, with Rendon in left. But thats a situation that doesn't include Hood. Id love to see Hood in the lineup though.

I suppose if Morse isn't around, that does open up first for someone. I think itd be better to move Werth there(as he gets older, his range is going to decline, plus his size suits the spot) and get the younger player in the OF but we'll see. Obviously Morse has proven to be extremely valuable, but if all these kids do pan out(which I know, may not be likely), he may be movable to upgrade the staff, or at least add some more depth to the farm system once these kids graduate.

Still got another full season before this debate, but finding room for everyone is definitely a nice problem to have.