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Re: Follow The Prospects: Destin Hood
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While that's nice... I don't give a damn what a player looks like in a uniform as long as he gets the job done.

Rizzo has fallen many a time for great uniform guys that suck on the field.

While it's not extremely important, it can be a good thing. While i dont know if he's the 225 he's listed at, he was only about 190 when he was drafted. That extra bulk can be beneficial on the field. It's helping him park more balls in the seats this year. Different positions of course, but you look at someone like Detwiler who hasn't added extra weight to be more durable or pick up some velo, and he hasn't progressed quite as we had hoped.

As for the Torri Hunter comparison offensively ... I could see that. The numbers are somewhat similar based on Torii's minor league career. Torii had a good first full season in the minors, but then took a couple steps back the next few years they emerged. Hood's ascent has been more of a gradual line upwards. But yeah, I could see him being a .280/.350/.475 guy with 20/20 ability.