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Re: Follow The Prospects: Destin Hood
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You said "unreal"

Hardly "unreal." Its a good season in high A ball.

Sure, maybe unreal was the wrong word (or seems like an over exaggeration) selected by hammodns but I still believe it fits. The guy has played 106 games in Potomac and he has progressed in every stat category compared to 129 games at Hagerstown last year. He has drawn more walks, struck out less, his OBP is .030+ points higher than last year, his power numbers have basically doubled, and he is sitting comfortably at .282avg with 72 RBI's. Its very exciting to see a guy improve that much at a level higher in fewer games. It seems the way that he is going, and hopefully he continues to go that way, he will be a pretty damn good outfielder of ours.

edit: didn't see what RD said. beaten.