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Re: Follow The Prospects: Destin Hood
« Reply #150: April 26, 2011, 08:45:01 AM »

Hood's got the tools to play center field.

Kid was a big time college football recruit for a national power(Alabama) as a wide receiver. That alone tells you he has the athleticism, speed, and ability to track a ball. Range isn't an issue.

Football and baseball are different in terms of getting the ball, but the natural tools are the same. He'll have to learn to read the ball off the bat and how to take the right path to the ball. Those are things that will come with time and coaching.

With that said, I don't know if he ends up in center. He appears to profile as a corner outfielder. I dont know how his arm looks since he has signed, but when he was in high school, he had a weird release, which made his arm seem below average. Im sure they have worked on his throwing mechanics, but I don't think it would uncover a cannon.

I think Hood's upside is that of a Rondell White. He could potentially be a 25/25 guy with range and ability to make the spectacular play, but lacks the arm to profile in right or throw many people out. Remember, Rondell was hampered by the injury bug so he never fully lived up to that potential, but he was still a very solid player. My favorite baseball player of all time actually. Reason Im a National fan.

It's just going to take time. I think Hood's a guy who should play the entire year at Potomac. We don't want to hurt his progress by giving him too much too soon. Hopefully we can get him into the Arizona Fall League on the taxi squad to continue his development on a day to day basis. Next year is when I think we need to start seeing it all come together at Harrisburg.