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Firefox 3.5 and WNFF Toolbar
« Topic Start: June 30, 2009, 06:31:27 PM »
After downloading Firefox 3;.5 (very fast!), I've lost our toolbar. Anyone know if it will be available for version 3.5?

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Re: Firefox 3.5 and WNFF Toolbar
« Reply #1: June 30, 2009, 06:44:33 PM »
Thanks for the update. I had heard it was coming but didn't know it was ready for download.

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Re: Firefox 3.5 and WNFF Toolbar
« Reply #2: July 01, 2009, 01:12:51 AM »
Never Mind. I have the Update Scanner, and it automatically told me about it so I could download it. Thanks. I love Firefox.

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Re: Firefox 3.5 and WNFF Toolbar
« Reply #3: July 03, 2009, 08:29:45 AM »
Firefox 3.5 is indeed fast.  I was thinking of switching to Safari 4, but no longer am considering doing so.

When a new version of Firefox comes out, there are always some extensions that are not working.  Some are due to the code itself, others simply due to he installation specs.  Two of the most popular ones did not work out of the box, Mouse Gestures and Tab Mix Plus.  I installed update of both from of the Mozilla Sandbox (the developers site where updates are tested).  I had no problems with either of those, or with any of the others I obtained from the Sandbox:

Clear Fields
Data Analytics
Dictionary Search
Gmail Space
Link Alert
Mouse Gestures Redox
Server Switcher
Tab Mix Plus

Once of my favorites, Copy URL +, was not in the Sandbox.  I edited the installation specs (install.rdf file) and changed the maximum version from 1.6 to 3.5 (I have edited it for all the version 2.x and version 3.x) and re-created the .xpi file.  It, like all the ones from the Sandbox, worked flawlessly.

There are some others that I am hoping to working on this weekend, W3C CSS Validation and W3C RSS Validation in particular, if they are not updated by their original authors.

Anyway, I keep copies of my extensions and themes on the web so I can access them easily if I want to install them for somebody else.  I have Mouse Gestures, Tab Mix Plus, and the others I use at if anyone should want to use them.  When you click on an extenssion (note, I have them in 3 lists, ones that are compatible, ones not yet compatible, and the .NET one that like everything else from Microsoft is a pain in the a$$).  After clicking on the extension, the easiest way to install it is to select "Open with" radio button and then select Firefox (you may also want to check the "Do this automatically..." check box).  See the pic below for reference.  Alternatively, you can save the .xpi to a folder, and then drag the file from the folder to a Firefox window.

The themes install as usual, mean right click the link, save as, save to a folder, open add-ons, select themes, click the install button, and browse to the saved file.

If you use Copy URL +, you can customize it to work with WNFF or any boards.  What Copy URL + does is copy selected text and its associated URL.  It is quite convenient for posting text from articles.  However, as nice as it is, it can be made even better by adding the following two lines to your user.js file if you only want the modifications to affect you and not other users of your computer:

Code: [Select]
user_pref("copyurlplus.menus.1.label", "Copy URL BBCode");
user_pref("copyurlplus.menus.1.copy", "[quote]%SEL%[/quote]\n[url=\"%URL%\"][color=blue][u]%TITLE%[/u][/color][/url]");

Alternatively, in the address bar, you can enter "about:config" and make the configuration available to all users.  To add new values, right-lick on the about:config page, select "New" and then "String" from the menu.  

For the first one, when asked for the preference name, enter "copyurlplus.menus.1.label".  For its value, enter "Copy URL BBCode" (of course, exclude the quote marks from the text you enter).

After creating that value, right click-again, select "New" "String" and enter "copyurlplus.menus.1.copy" as the preference name.  Then then the following as its value

Code: [Select]

After entering the items in about:config, they will appear as follows:

The number "1", such as follows "copyurlplus.menus.", can be incremented for additional customization.  However, since most people only add one, you can likely keep it as 1.

The first line adds "Copy URL BBCode" as a submenu item to the Copy URL + menu.  Then, when you select text on a page, right click, select "Copy URL +" and then "Copy URL BBCode"  from its submenu.

The second line tell the submenu what to do, in this case insert the selected text within quote tags, and then create a link to the page using the page title as the text for the link.  Further, it makes the link blue and underlines it.  

In short, to copy and article and its link, you select the text, right click, select Copy URL BBCode, and then paste into the reply box.  The article and link are all properly tagged.

The by clicking on "Copy URL BBCode" with the highlighted text as show above, the following would be pasted into the reply box for a new post:

Code: [Select]
[quote]SAN DIEGO (AP)—It was the kind of late-inning buzz that none of the players had experienced before.[/quote]
[url=""][color=blue][u]Un-bee-lievable: Bee swarm delays Astros' 7-2 win - MLB - Yahoo! Sports[/u][/color][/url]

It would appear as below without any further editing:

SAN DIEGO (AP)—It was the kind of late-inning buzz that none of the players had experienced before.
Un-bee-lievable: Bee swarm delays Astros' 7-2 win - MLB - Yahoo! Sports