Author Topic: WNFF members you have met - roll call  (Read 10894 times)

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Re: WNFF members you have met - roll call
« Reply #175: May 16, 2011, 08:54:49 PM »
Met Fan and Evol at Ben G's CCSP event last year, where I adamantly defended a J-Max / Willie Harris
Met Cal and NatsFan1a at the preseason game v. my other team.
Blue and Galah at games.
At the Minty WintyFest at Fado (?) met Minty, Ali, FrauMau, and Tom (Cal and Blue again, and there were others too).
MDS, G-burg, John, and Linty this weekend.

I ran over PotCan when I saw him crossing the street.  That's why he does not post here anymore.