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Re: Nationals vs Red Sox, Game 2
« Reply #300: June 25, 2009, 12:58:06 AM »
The Sox are not a good team. Really. The Nationals are hamstrung by the worst manager in baseball. I couldn't come up with a dumber lineup if I tried. Monday was an off-day, let's sit Dunn. Inexcusable. His overmanaging struck again as we had Belliard up in a key PH at bat.

The Sox "fans" there knew jack crap about baseball. They all yelled Youk the first three times Ortiz made a putout :bang: They were obnoxious, got mad if people cheered the Nats, had the gall to scream in my face, and just generally sucked. The Bullpen was full of d-bags a few hours before the game.

I realized most of the Sox "fans" were DC locals who are lucky if they can catch the odd game at OPACY, which may help explain their terrible baseball knowledge. Actual exchange:

"They should think about shortening these games."

"How long are they, anyway?"

I wanted to jump off the 2nd deck.

Bard hustled his butt off. Guzman of all people gave a baserunning clinic. He was masterful in the rundown and that triple.

The Zim flyout really was that close to tying things up. crap.

Masterson is a sick pitcher. We should trade anyone we have for that guy.

Willingham is one of the best hitters we have, and should bring a nice haul if we trade him.

In year 5 of this wretched Nationals experiment, a night at the ballpark still beats just about anything.

Oh and Kosher Grill was so incredibly delicious that they ran out of hot dogs and shawarma. The shawarma is delicious but make sure you get a fork. I've never seen such delicious looking hot dogs, and the sausages are homemade. They were absolutely thrilled to be there, very nice and courteous staff.

I got a Hebrew Nats hat to top it off - I'll post a picture soon.