Author Topic: Nationals vs Red Sox, Game 2  (Read 8246 times)

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Re: Nationals vs Red Sox, Game 2
« Reply #300: June 25, 2009, 12:15:31 AM »
Can Masterson close?  If he can I wonder if the Nats could get him for Nick Johnson?  I don't think the Sox will part will Del Carmen.

Long term, they think Masterson will be a starter. Used him when Dice-K was on the DL the first time.  But he was talked about as a potential closer when the Santana deal was on the table.  At this point, barring injury, they probably would not be interested in Nick.  The Rangers look like a more viable option.

Galah - the Nats had some good at bats against some good pitchers.  Stammen seemed to fall apart quickly.  Perfect for 3, then hit walk homer hole.  If this were soccer, it might have been a game where a team controlled the play, gave up 2 goals on quick counters, and attacked like heck but ended up a goal short.