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Re: Nationals vs Red Sox, Game 2
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How about the remaining littany in that post?

Why bother?  Your opinion is set in stone, and nothing will ever change it.  I'm sorry that I don't think a few anonymous testimonies from grunt level ex-employees is concrete proof that the Lerners are Boris and Natasha in disguise.  When there is more proof and/or years of sucking, then I'll probably nag and whine like the rest of you (though even then, I'd like to think that I could control my spasms enough to keep them in relevant threads :? )  But I really don't think it'll come to that.  Maybe I'm wrong.  We'll find out.

The problem is that they are not responsible for one isolated area like the fact that the sausage stand isn't open when the game starts, or that the napkin dispensers run out by the third inning, or that Lannan doesn't react quickly enough to cover first base. Team owners who have created systemic dysfunction aren't responsible for those specific items. They are specifically responsible for the systemic dysfunction.

That's a conveniently non-disprovable argument.