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Re: Nationals @ Yankees, Game 1
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I've been up in New England for the last couple of days listening to a NY Sports Talk Radio station (WFAN for any of you familiar with the area).  They can't even talk about the Nats/Yankees series without chuckling AND they can't pronounce Martis' name correctly.  Sigh, we really are the laughing stock of MLB.  I mean I knew that, but it kinda hurts to listen to them talk about us.  Here's hoping we can salvage at least one and make them eat a little crow ;)

I know we don't have much of a chance of winning this game and that even a sweep against the Yankees would mean little, but dag nabbit I could be satisfied with the team for awhile if we could miraculously pull 2 games out of this series.  I have way too many friends that are Yankees fans.