How will the Redskins fare this year?

Under .500, no playoffs
3 (17.6%)
9-7 losing on Wild Card Weekend
3 (17.6%)
10+ wins and deep into NFC Playoffs
8 (47.1%)
Loss in Super Bowl
1 (5.9%)
Super Bowl Champs
2 (11.8%)

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Voting closed: June 28, 2006, 09:32:36 AM

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Redskins Poll
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Quote from: "ncg1983"
Ken, I could be wrong, but maybe you have such a foul taste for Redskins fans because you are a Cowboys fan.  I say this because many of my friends who are Steelers, Bears fans etc. rarely, if ever badmouth Skins fans.  The people that they do badmouth are Eagles and Jets fans.

Lets be realistic, there is no way that Redskin fans are worse than Eagles fans.  

1. The Vet used to have a jail in it.  
2. The Eagles applauded when Michael Irvin was taken out on a stretcher (neck injury).
3. Probably the worst thing I have heard is multiple senior citizens have been beaten up by Eagles fans for cheering for the visitor.  

Hell will freeze over before any of those 3 happen at FedEx Field.

As far as my predictions for the NFC East

Giants 12-4
Redskins 11-5
Cowboys 10-6
Eagles 7-9

And just for clarity...
Cardinals 6-10

Personally, I am a fair-weather Pats fan, but I do watch NFL Live and stuff like that, and your prediction of third place for the Cowboys is off.  Here is mine:

Cowboys 13-3
Giants 11-5
Redskins 9-7
Eagles 5-11