How will the Redskins fare this year?

Under .500, no playoffs
3 (17.6%)
9-7 losing on Wild Card Weekend
3 (17.6%)
10+ wins and deep into NFC Playoffs
8 (47.1%)
Loss in Super Bowl
1 (5.9%)
Super Bowl Champs
2 (11.8%)

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Voting closed: June 28, 2006, 09:32:36 AM

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Redskins Poll
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Quote from: "Kenz aFan"
Yes, it's all well and good to love and root for your home team, in fact, I applaud it, but what some are forgetting, is that fans on the edge, who are looking for a team to root for, don't pick their team just by what they see on the field, they're also influenced by the passion and enthusiasm of the fans they meet. That's why such a large percentage of Redskins fans are from the DC area. Fans on the outside will see a good football team they might consider rooting for, but they end up getting turned off by the fans.

I wonder how many fans have actually taken the time to step back a little and look at just how lame some Skins act at times. It's a shame because Washington has had, and will have some really good teams, but some, and I again repeat, some of their fans kill any chance of an outsider becoming a fan.

Can't this be said about every football team in America?  

I grew up in the 80's going to Patriots games, and at that time the Patriots really sucked, I mean really sucked, and I was turned off by Pats fans and never embraced them as my HOME team AND THEY WERE MY HOME TEAM!

Football has an overwhelming number of knuckleheads in its fanbase.  I can't identify why that is.  Is it the violent nature of the sport?  Probably.  But it seems to me that the education level of your average football fan would be higher than that of a fan of say, the NBA or NASCAR.  I'd be interested in seeing some data that compares a fan's favorite sport vs. their maximum educational level achieved.  

Bottom line?  The most obnoxious fans I've met in my lifetime are (in descending order):

1.  Philadelphia Eagles Fans
2.  Dallas Cowboys Fans
3.  Boston Red Sox Fans
4.  New England Patriots Fans
5.  New York Jets Fans

Coincidentally, four of the five are football teams.....