How will the Redskins fare this year?

Under .500, no playoffs
3 (17.6%)
9-7 losing on Wild Card Weekend
3 (17.6%)
10+ wins and deep into NFC Playoffs
8 (47.1%)
Loss in Super Bowl
1 (5.9%)
Super Bowl Champs
2 (11.8%)

Total Members Voted: 14

Voting closed: June 28, 2006, 09:32:36 AM

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Redskins Poll
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Ken I'm just going to say you do seem unfairly discriminatory towards the 'skins and especially their fans.  If you don't like a team, that's fine...  I hate the Cowboys.  But I don't wholesale hate on their fans.  You seem to have a special place in your heart for hating on 'skins fans, but no other team.  Pretty silly IMO, as last time I checked, NFL fans as a whole were generally foul-mouthed and reprehensible when compared to fans of say, MLB for example (general case, not NY Mets ;) )

Also this is the off-topic forum, if you don't want to read the thread about the 'skins, then don't.  If you want to start your own thread about the 'boys, go for it!  Last time I checked, 'skins fans weren't even a majority on this forum.  You're a boys fan, JMad likes the Giants, Metssuck likes the boys, etc. etc.

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I just pulled the picture from Google because i wanted to post up a Giants picture that wouldn't stretch the forums.

In the new forums, that won't be a problem anymore, there are admin settings for that :D ;)