How will the Redskins fare this year?

Under .500, no playoffs
3 (17.6%)
9-7 losing on Wild Card Weekend
3 (17.6%)
10+ wins and deep into NFC Playoffs
8 (47.1%)
Loss in Super Bowl
1 (5.9%)
Super Bowl Champs
2 (11.8%)

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Redskins Poll
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This post is NOT aimed at the person who started this thread, it's aimed at those Skins fans who make the good Skins fans (such as the originator of this thread) look bad. In fact, it's more an editorial than anything else and the only people who will feel targeted by this, will be those same bad Skins fans it's intended for. Those same bad Redskins fans should thank their lucky stars for the good ones, because without them, the Washington Redskins would be the most hated team in the NFL.

Puts on Dallas Cowboys cap and continues to type.....

I'm sorry ncg1983, but you'll have to forgive me for not shiving a git about the Washington Redskins. I certainly don't mind rooting for the Washington Nationals, or for the Capitals for that matter, but why should a none Skins fans have to wade through all the Redskins posts. The pole assumes that because we're all Washington Nationals fans, that there's a Washington football connection. Bad assumption and my reasoning follows.

Since we're all Nationals fans, there should me a more respectful base in regards to other sports. In hockey and basketball, there is, in football, there isn't. I'm a Montreal Canadiens fan, but I love the game and talking about Caps hockey helps to keep me in the know about other teams. Why, because Caps fans in general, are a much better bunch of people than Skins fans are. Why should football fans act different, the answer is, they shouldn't. If some of the Skins fans showed the same respect that Caps (or Wizards) fans do, this post would never have gotten written.

Yes, it's all well and good to love and root for your home team, in fact, I applaud it, but what some are forgetting, is that fans on the edge, who are looking for a team to root for, don't pick their team just by what they see on the field, they're also influenced by the passion and enthusiasm of the fans they meet. That's why such a large percentage of Redskins fans are from the DC area. Fans on the outside will see a good football team they might consider rooting for, but they end up getting turned off by the fans.

I wonder how many fans have actually taken the time to step back a little and look at just how lame some Skins act at times. It's a shame because Washington has had, and will have some really good teams, but some, and I again repeat, some of their fans kill any chance of an outsider becoming a fan.

Yes, last season the Redskins did better than their arch enemies, the Dallas Cowboys, well whoop-ti-doo, aren't we all impressed. Thing is, that and their Wildcard win over Tampa Bay was their crowning glory. This season, those same arch enemies, the Dallas Cowboys, will have a much better season and will go deeper into the playoffs than the Skins will. In fact, I predict that even the Cardinals will have a better this season than the Redskin in 2006.

From what I've seen so far this off-season, unless you think chaotic FA signings as improving the team, the Redskins have done very little to get better, while their hated rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, have. One step forward, two steps back, is not how a team should progress.

Every day in every way, I thank God I'm not a Redskins fan...
Go Cowboys!!!