Author Topic: Round 5 - Miguel Pena, LHP, La Joya HS (TX)  (Read 5246 times)

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Hey guys, just wanted to tell you guys, that the team not only drafted a talented pitcher, but a great young man. I've known "Mickey" since he was about 7 or 8 yrs old. I had the privilege of coaching him 2 years in the all stars and unsatisfaction of coaching against him 4 years during the regular season. The young man is as talented of an arm I've ever seen in south texas and northern parts of Mexico. His control is what makes him unique. Plus he understands pitching and how to set up pitches. His fastball / changeup combination is whats gonna make him a very good solid player. I actually talked to him the day before the draft, and was somewhat bummed because everyone who talked to him, told him he wouldn't be drafted till after the 10th round. He was definitely surprised, but full of joy when he learned where he was drafted. I'm a texan, so naturally I'm a rangers fan, but now, i consider myself a national fans as well. I have some more footage of his pitching, as my son played with him throughout LL and HS, so once i figure out this youtube thing ill gladly post it for your viewing pleasure.