Author Topic: Ovechkin now has his center  (Read 12157 times)

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Ovechkin now has his center
« Reply #50: August 22, 2006, 01:28:23 PM »
Quote from: "Dave B"
I used to be an Isles fan and loved Kasparaitis. I live down here now and like the Caps.

Ovechkin could run over Kasparaitis if he wanted too. Plenty of guys went after Ovechkin and got the worst of it.  If Kasparaitis went after Ovechkin, Ovechkin would take it in stride.

The only two guys to bounce off an Ovechkin hit were Chara and Doug Murray of the Sharks.  Doug Murray is basically a no name (he went to my college) but he is 6'3" and rock solid.  He doesnt move too well, so he just just kinda planted in when Ovechkin went after him two or three times.  It was basically a draw.  It was funny because after the first time, Ovechkin got frustrated and kept trying with limited success.  He got his chances because Murray doesnt necessarily move well.

Last year Ovechkin's goals became commonplace and I just wanted to see him lay people out.

If you have time, go to Google Video and look up Ovechkin, there are a couple montages that show people who tried to hit Ovechkin and wish they didnt

I've seen the videos and he is impressive, but if Kasper decides he's running someone over, its over.