Author Topic: Ovechkin now has his center  (Read 12743 times)

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Ovechkin now has his center
« Reply #50: August 21, 2006, 06:45:27 PM »
Quote from: "Nats19"
DirtDog, I'm beginning to think you're cphcky from the Caps' boards, with all the emotions and such.
And I guess you didn't hear, they signed Pothier and Brashear, as well as trading for Zednik.

Meh...Zednik is a barely a top 6 forward..Pothier is at best a top 4 d but he's going to be a n#2 d on the caps. :lol:

I'm a better hockey player then Donald...but he's 10 times the fighter I am. Atleast, someone will defend AO if he's in trouble.

Though, caps will need to sign a guy with elite level skills ( the ufa's core will be strong next year). Poor AO.