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* Since Monday morning, Rizzo and the rest of the scouting department have been in lockdown while assembling the draft board.

* Rizzo said that the Nats, especially for the early-round picks, will take the highest-remaining player on their board. That simple. It's like drafting by a formula. In other words, by the time the draft begins, their work will largely be done. Rizzo mentioned a particular saying they have in the draft room: "Honor the board."

* He said that the Nats "are not drafting on signability whatsoever." Thus, they won't take a lesser player just because he'll accept a smaller signing bonus or is willing to sign quickly. Rizzo said that "we put the list together based on talent."

* As for the draft itself, this year seems to be very pitcher-heavy. Speaking about position players, Rizzo called the crop "probably the thinnest in many years."