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RZ is a beast :clap:

Ryan Zimmerman sat in the home clubhouse today and spoke about how the University of Virginia's baseball program helped catapult his career. Of course by that point, Zimmerman's feelings for his college were self-evident. On Thursday, it was made public that the Nationals' the third baseman, who in April signed a five-year, $45 million contract, had donated to his old program $250,000, aimed to improve the team's facilities.

"I just like to support the people that got me where I'm at," he said.

As Zimmerman spoke, several televisions in the clubhouse were broadcasting UVA's Super Regional game against Ole Miss. Zimmerman hasn't gotten much feedback from current Cavaliers players or coaches because, as he joked, they happen to be "a little busy right now."

"You don't do that kind of stuff to try and get reaction," he said. "You do it to make something better, because you have the ability to do it."