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Re: Nationals vs. Giants, Game 3
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why are they pointless?

they are pointless because they are redundant and repetitive, and because you'll never, EVER do the same for any of your boyfriend mancrushes. instead you'll try to make every single lame excuse you can think of whenever they screw up.

can't handle the truth?

"handling the truth" has little to do with anything here.  the fact is, everyone here knows exactly what Dunn is and what he brings to the table. everyone else has come to terms with it(even Minty!), except you.  nobody here is making Dunn out to be more than what he is, a slugger who has fielding issues. except you. you feel the constant need to nag and moan about Dunn every time the team loses, even when it isn't his fault. and it's annoying as hell.

you are AZ's evil twin.

like I said. yes, we get it. Dunn is the worst player in the history of baseball. yes, fine, we understand.