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Re: Minty's "do you still play" thread
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I played YMCA and Little League. I sucked then and would probably suck now.A perennial right fielder; the only thing I did well was throw. It's a shame as I love playing. If I thought I would be any good I'd get back into shape and try. Do they have geezer leagues for old, bald and fat white guys? Must have someone with CPR and AED experience and certification (besides me).

When Shawn was in the year after t-ball, the coaches pitched. I was the asst. coach so I didn't have to worry. However, one game the coach (a good pitcher who happened to be woman) was sick  so I pitched. I actually did very well, which means I got the ball in the strike zone so the kids could hit it, and avoided hitting any of the players. Everyone was congratulating me. Next game I had to pitch again, and again did a better than credible job. Only trouble was that I couldn't lift my right arm above horizontal for 2 months thereafter, so I guess pitching is out. Right field here I come (again).