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Re: Minty's "do you still play" thread
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Here's one for you Chief.

So we're getting killed in the top of the seventh inning (it was 9-5 when the inning started) and the first batter works the count 3-2 on nine pitches.  The tenth pitch comes in low and inside and he thinks he drew a walk but the umpire strikes him out looking.

The opposing pitcher has some control problems and we then rally for three runs culminating with the #6 hitter driving in two runs on a double.  As the #7 hitter, that brings me to the plate with the tying run on 2nd, bottom of the seventh (we play 7 inning games) and two outs.  On the first pitch, the pitcher uncorks a wild pitch and our tying run is on third (and yes, the catcher should have blocked it  ;) ).  I work the count to 3-2.  The first 3-2 pitch comes in flat and I hit a frozen rope that one-hops the outfield wall  -  only it landed about a foot foul.

The next pitch?  Low and outside - ball four!  Only the umpire didn't feel the same way and he rung me up to end the game. 

After a mild protest I accepted my fate and lined up to shake hands with the opposition.  When I got to the opposing catcher I asked him to make me feel better and tell me that ball was low and away.  His response?  "In my opinion?  Probabaly.  But it was close enough to the zone in that crucial situation that you have to swing the bat and not take any chances."

A bitter pill to swallow after our argument on Friday during the day.  I found it so ironic that earlier in the day we argued about the exact same thing - the only factor that could add to the irony would've been if the bases were loaded.

You almost couldn't have scripted it better.