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Re: Minty's "do you still play" thread
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I played little league years ago, but forgot about the entire sport until last year when I became interested in the Nats.  Me and my friend were thinking about buying some gloves to just play some catch with.  Not really sure where to buy and how sizing etc work.  I like the Mizuno stuff.

I 'd be interested in getting a little more into it if we could find enough people to play.  I wouldn't do a league or anything since I would be terrible at first, but having some fun would with friends would be cool.

I'm not quite sure I have the body to play too hard yet.  Think of my body type as like Dimitri Young.  But white.  And fatter :shock:

Doesn't matter as long as the ability is there.  We have multiple "rounder" players in our league.  Most of them pitch or play 1B.  As long as they can field and hit some it's all good.

Do you live near a major city?  If you live near DC the DCMSBL has TONS of teams and when I was leaving they were even talking about making two divisions (A & B):  one for "experts" and one for "beginners."