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Re: Minty's "do you still play" thread
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Which league?

So I went to a playoff game for them today. Apparently it's not a 'national' league. It's just a city of Long Beach league. Talent was legit though. Play at some prime fields too - Blair Field(where Long Beach St plays their home games), Long Beach City College(state champs a couple years ago, and where I use to attend), Wilson High School(big time national program - Aaron Hicks and Sean Burroughs attended), and Long Beach State's practice field, which is on campus. Pretty pumped about that.

The kid that played pro ball at one point pitched 3 innings today. Struck out the first 7 he faced, then got two pop ups. He had very good numbers in the minors before getting hurt. Had Tommy John, and upon returning, blew out his shoulder. Tough blow and he never made it back. Looked pretty good today.