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Re: Minty's "do you still play" thread
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Ponce is an adult baseball league; it's a little more laid back, but it's still hardball.

But it has a little more focus on fun where everyone has to get a few innings in the field and a turn at bat. Pitchers are limited to 5 innings per game. But it's 9 inning games, 60 foot bags, and real baseball.

According to NABA, there's still a DC league. It looks like they merged with WARBL and went wood bat.

I was one of the NABA 30+ teams that jumped to the DCMSBL.

Who do you play for now and what team were you with when you were in the NABA?

Incidentally, I think we could use a league like the Ponce de Leon league up here in the Albany area of New York.  I'm in the CDMSBL and we absorbed the Capital NABA league.  I'm in the 35+ division and we're all wood bats (the way toplay IMO).  There's a "Roy Hobbs" league in Saratoga, NY that I'll be playing for when the kids get older (provided I haven't moved back to DC).