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Re: Nationals vs Pirates, Game 3
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So then where was it in game three when it mattered?  How about a clutch hit from "Kid Clutch?"  How about anything but a DP from "Rally Killer" Kearns or Nieves?  ANYTHING helps.  You refuse to lay the blame on the offense because right now you believe they're infalliable.  Last night the offense could've done their part to win the game.  They didn't.  Yes, Hanrahan threw the WP that lost the game, but the offense scored one run and Nieves didn't do the job a freaking paid professional catcher is expected to do.

Willingham was bad luck.  And no matter what you think you're saying, you still think Hanrahan cost us that game.  He didn't do it by himself.  I guess it would just be too much to ask of you to criticize your pet players though.

LOL Minty picking a fight just to pick one.  I think it's a hilarious premise. 

Again blame could go around and around, but it was the fact that in a tie game, Hanrahan made his own bed than crap in it and there went the tie.  Our offense had been scoring five runs a game in its past 10 and last night they had a bad night.  Kearns deserves blame, sure, we're used to him not coming through in the clutch.  Nieves is nothing but a backup catcher (I would love a better option to throw out there than him).  But again it's Hanrahan coming in - game on the line or no pressure situation - and he blows it. 

I don't see why he's on the team anymore.  Owner of a 0-2 record, 6.87 ERA, 3 blown saves ... 14 earned runs in 18.1 innings.

Whatever I'm done talking about this.  the Nats are 11-28 and it's only gonna get worse.