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Re: Nationals vs Pirates, Game 3
« Reply #650: May 21, 2009, 10:23:54 AM »
stop dragging game 2 into this.  dunn's homer was a big long ball for us the other day and helped the team get back into it.

So then where was it in game three when it mattered?  How about a clutch hit from "Kid Clutch?"  How about anything but a DP from "Rally Killer" Kearns or Nieves?  ANYTHING helps.  You refuse to lay the blame on the offense because right now you believe they're infalliable.  Last night the offense could've done their part to win the game.  They didn't.  Yes, Hanrahan threw the WP that lost the game, but the offense scored one run and Nieves didn't do the job a freaking paid professional catcher is expected to do.

sure josh willingham could've tied it but he didn't get all of it.  sure it would've helped if kearns and nieves could actually hit.  plenty of blame to go around, but joel messed up at the end and there goes the game.

Willingham was bad luck.  And no matter what you think you're saying, you still think Hanrahan cost us that game.  He didn't do it by himself.  I guess it would just be too much to ask of you to criticize your pet players though.