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Re: Nationals vs Pirates, Game 3
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That's what you said.  Right there you said, "Joel cost us the game." 

I'm saying it's preposterous to say he did it alone.  His wild pitch led to the winning run, but if the offense had at all done what it's supposed to do he wouldn't have been in that position.  This, by the way, is the claim that people were making in GDT Game 2 when they said Dunn's homer was important.  If in one game you're going to claim that earlier actions led to the outcome in the end (tying the game for Joel to blow it) then you need to hold them accountable for the lack of production which led to losing the game.

That's all.  Joel threw the wild pitch that lost the game.  But if the offense had five runs, that run doesn't matter.

stop dragging game 2 into this.  dunn's homer was a big long ball for us the other day and helped the team get back into it.  in the end joel lost the game with the wild pitch.  sure josh willingham could've tied it but he didn't get all of it.  sure it would've helped if kearns and nieves could actually hit.  plenty of blame to go around, but joel messed up at the end and there goes the game.